Pre-Marital Counseling, San Diego


Looking for Pre-Marital Counseling in San Diego?


Taking the next step to marriage is a big decision, one that does not come without much consideration. You have found a person whom you love, so much so that you want to spend the rest of your life with them. But what does that really mean?

There is no class in our school years on relationships, on love, or on marriage. We learn about these three things through our relationships with our primary caregivers growing up and then we try them out on our partners in the years following. Part of this is exploring ourselves, our history, our past attachments, and our expectations. With each partner, we continue to learn and grow until we find the person we can learn and grow with forever. A marriage is bringing two separate ideas of relationship, love, and marriage together with an unparalleled level of commitment. It is common for these two sets of ideas to have differences in thoughts, feelings, expectations, and patterns.

Having the courage to engage in pre-marital counseling means that you are wanting to share intimate, safe space with your future spouse, exploring these ideas. While we cannot predict what will happen in the future, we can have an authentic conversation about what we are bringing to the table. A marriage is not only the two individuals coming together, but their families, histories, past relationships, friends, careers, finances, preferences, habits, pains, obstacles, and triumphs. Why not gift yourselves with the opportunity to explore all of the aspects of this committed decision with a caring, compassionate professional?

At Connected, Seen & Heard we view pre-marital counseling as an opportunity to share, to explore, and to identify wants, needs, and boundaries. The time and space you provide for your marriage prior to tying the knot can help with the trajectory of your future with your spouse. You are making the most important commitment of your life, yourself to another, why wouldn’t you spend time exploring, sharing, and planning your hopes for the future?

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