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Connected ~ Seen & Heard is a unique space that honors the human need to belong. We are passionate about changing the way we treat ourselves and others, the way we operate in our daily lives, and the way we create a bonded and supportive community. We offer therapeutic services, workshops, and specialized trainings customized to meet your needs.

Our Services

We believe the place to begin to create this shift is with connection – authentic, loving connection. The kind that does not have judgement or criticism or shame. The kind that facilitates growth, that cultivates understanding, that builds an abundance of love and understanding of self and ultimately for others. The kind that comes with challenge, the growth type challenge that pushes us to shed each layer and dig deeper into our purpose. If you are looking for a therapist in San Diego, welcome.


What courage you have. What bravery it takes to search for guidance, for direction, and for help outside yourself. While we do believe that all you need is already inside you, we also believe that sometimes the journey to self-discovery is best done with another, another human to build connection with and to share the experience. One who can see you, both the parts you are open to showing, and even the parts you try to keep hidden. One who will hear you, both the things you are saying and even more importantly, the things you are not. 


Sometimes you are interested in a topic or would like to discuss it with someone but therapy doesn’t quite seem like the right fit. Our workshops are designed to create small group discussion around specific topics like self-compassion, connection to your creative side, your body, or relaxation. We mix education, discussion, and community together to create a one of a kind learning and connecting experience.


We provide training opportunities for mental health professionals, the therapist in San Diego and beyond, as well as businesses. Our mental health professional trainings offer continuing education credits on a variety of topics including attachment, trauma, being a connected therapist, developmental trauma, and substance use. We offer customized trainings for businesses, tailored to meet the needs of your clinic, school, or treatment center. Our educational trainings include topics like teen substance use, attachment based leadership, trauma in the workplace, developing a connected team, and many more. Explore our services to learn more about what Connected therapy, workshops, and trainings provide for you and your team.

Our San Diego Therapist Team

Why We’re Different

We know it can be tricky to find the right therapist in San Diego. At Connected ~ Seen & Heard, we have adopted a unique way of being as therapists, trainers, educators, and humans in general. With respect and appreciation for our education and training, we have come to believe that we do our best work when we focus on being an authentic, vulnerable human being sharing space and offering empathy to another person or group of people.

We value the innate knowledge and gifts that each of our clients possess and participate in a collaborative learning process in the services we offer. We believe that being authentic and vulnerable allows us to connect in a meaningful way and develop a relationship that creates a felt sense of safety and ultimately serves as the vehicle for healing, growth, and change to happen.

Kind Words

“Reya and Karolyn create spaces that invite creativity, authenticity, connection, and growth. They each offer tenderness and passion that ignite a desire to dig even deeper into ourselves and in connection with one another.”

– Naomi Midura, LMFT, PsyD

“Reya is an exceptional therapist. She has a unique ability to listen to what I am saying verbally as well as what I show in a nonverbal fashion. She does not judge but instead uses gentle and effective guidance. She has empathy for me and the situations I have created or that have happened to me within my life. I immediately connected to her and have been working with her for about a year now. My situation was one of trauma, abuse, loss and addiction that brought me to her.”

– Tracy

“Dr. Reya Kost is wise, compassionate and kind. She has a wonderful ability to create a safe space, free of judgement, making vulnerability and self-growth that much easier. Karolyn Johnson’s warmth is instantly welcoming. Also incredibly smart, Karolyn’s has a generous spirit that goes a long way to helping others feel appreciated and valued. Together they have created Connected, Seen & Heard, a practice designed to help others connect and build a sense of community. Their groups are a great way to explore new ideas and challenge yourself to try something different. I love the variety ofworkshops and the opportunity to meet other, like-minded growth seeking individuals and wellness practitioners in in the community.”

– Amber Hasbun Fullmer

“Our journey started 100 miles away. Walking into an unknown. As soon as we stepped through the door we felt at home, connected. We were apart of a community, sharing ideas, thoughts, dreams. Making positive, connections with new friends. Unlearning negative habits and transforming our minds. Thank you Connected. Seen. Heard”

“My mother and I traveled from Temecula not knowing what to expect. We were greeted by Reya and Karolyn and immediately felt at home. We shared ideas and stories with a room full of strangers who soon became friends. Being apart of this group has made us feel free to be heard, and listen to new transforming thoughts. Making positive connections and inspiring a new way to live. 
Please consider doing this group for teenagers. Young brains need to disconnect to get the real connection of heart, mind, and soul. Thank you Connected. Seen. Heard.”

– GS

“As someone who has worked in the mental health field for over ten years, I hear a lot about self-compassion; though I’d never experienced or understood it in the way I have since attending Connected Seen & Heard’s Building Self Compassion Workshop. Karolyn and Reya shared authentically and genuinely to inspire, educate, encourage and support each of the attendees.  I learned that self-compassion is fierce. Karolyn and Reya truly understand and embody the belief that to be connected, seen, and heard is a universal human need and they provide unique ways for us to experience all those things–the world needs more events like this!”

– Cassie Gaub

“These two women are simply awesome. They are inspiring, warm, compassionate and great teachers. Just being in the room with them lifts my spirits!  For anyone looking to take a journey toward a more meaningful, peaceful and connected life I would highly recommend one of Dr. Kost and Karolyn Johnson’s workshops. Simply brilliant… and affordable too!”

– Cheri, Craft & Clover