Grief Counseling San Diego

Staying Connected

Loss. Whether it’s a person, a lifestyle, a version of yourself, a relationship, a job, a four-legged family member, loss is hard. We question the why. “Why did this happen? How can there be a lesson? How am I supposed to get back to normal?” Or even, “I should already be back to normal.” The grieving process is not linear. There are twists and turns, triggers and reminders, steps forward and steps back. Finding compassion for yourself in the process is the most vital part, and grief counseling can help.

Grief Counseling: What to Expect

With Connected’s grief counseling, you have a space to process all the feels: the anger, the sadness, the frustration, the fear, the uncertainty. A safe, open, and accepting space is created with you to work through all your individual stages of grief. It can get lonely. We want to isolate, be alone in our thoughts and feelings. We want to be alone because we feel alone. But as we know, we are designed to connect. We are designed to heal through our shared experiences. We grow through what we go through when we have the courage to share it with another.

The grieving process is an adjustment process. We are working to accept the reality of the loss and the implications it can have on our day to day lives. Maybe relationships change, work changes, interests change, daily routine changes, whatever the results may be, there will be a period of transformation and restoration.

Through expression, exploration, and normalization, our San Diego-based grief counseling allows you the space to have a corrective emotional experience. Traveling through the grief process with a professional partner can help keep us aligned with our values and continue to build meaning in our lives, even after loss. The idea is that when we can work through our grief in a healthy, adaptive way, we can come out on the other side still having a connection with the loss and also cultivating a new connection with ourselves.

If you or a loved one are in the San Diego area and in need of grief counseling, please reach out. We are here for you.