Karolyn Johnson, LMFT

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Karolyn Johnson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC81409) in San Diego. We could go on and on about her educational achievements, her list of certifications, and all the places she has gained her experience from, but we would rather talk about what she is passionate about: Connection. Karolyn’s work with clients is influenced by the belief that safe, secure relationships are essential to our well-being. She takes pride in working collaboratively with each individual client to support them in developing self-awareness, insight, and ultimately creating authentic connections with others. It is her hope that each person she has the honor of working with will feel empowered to make positive changes through their journey of self-discovery and renewal.

Karolyn provides individual, couples and family therapy, as well as a certification program in relationship abuse assessment and response, workshops, and corporate coaching through Connected and other corporate associations. She is grateful that she has been able to find success and fulfillment in connection through all the different avenues Connected, Seen & Heard and her other business associations offer. In her specialty specifically as a marriage and family therapist, she has extensive experience working with those impacted by intimate partner abuse, trauma, and substance use. She understands the delicate nature of these experiences and does not under estimate the impact they can have on one’s connection to self and to others. She also provides support in pre-marital counseling, stress management, life transitions, personal growth, improving communication, understanding family dynamics, and connecting with your authentic self.

Karolyn sees each relationship with her client’s as an opportunity to join them in their growth journey. She is humbled, and quite honestly excited, that she gets to work with people and
create a space where authenticity, honesty, acceptance, and connection run free.

If you or a loved one are looking for a San Diego therapist, Karolyn would love to connect. You can reach out to her via email or by phone: 847.226.5431

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