Welcome to the Connected Collective!


Welcome to Connected Collective! We learned the hard way that being in private practice, or any type of solo profession, can be isolating and take a lot of energy to connect with other people. We created Connected Collective as a solution for ourselves and others.  The Collective is a space and community built on the power of connection.

 We are very excited to introduce Connected Collective to our community at large. Located in Solana Beach, California, Connected Collective is a group of like-minded wellness professionals who value connection and collaboration and incorporate these values into their work and way of being. Connected Collective was founded by Karolyn Johnson, LMFT, and Reya Kost, Psy.D, the co-founders of the therapy practice, Connected ~ Seen & Heard

Who We Are & What We Strive to Create:

Peer Consultation: We are committed to growth as individuals and as a community. Connected Collective is a space to learn and evolve together.

Workshops: We are passionate about sharing what we know, teaching, and learning. We recognize that we are a small part of a much bigger collective and believe we can make an impact by creating opportunities to exchange ideas and promote growth for individuals and groups.

Networking Events: We love to bring people together who may not otherwise meet and watch the progressive projects and career evolution that comes from these connections.

A Podcast: Connecting the Collective is our platform to chat with all types of people about their unique experiences as entrepreneurs, parents, humans, and individuals that highlights the power of human connection.

A Co-Working Space: We are drawn to professionals actively growing their businesses in creative and exciting ways while simultaneously evolving themselves. Big ambitions need big supporters. We would love to support you on your journey.

If you are interested in learning more about Connected Collective, reach out. We would love to connect.

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Ready to see the space and join us?

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Stay Connected!

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