Trauma Training


Close your eyes and imagine a room full of like-minded, growth oriented, healers and helpers. Peers who share the belief that because all humans experience trauma, to varying degrees, we need to have a deep understanding and awareness of the affect trauma has on our daily functioning in order to create opportunities and space for healing to happen. That’s what we see when we are leading one of our trauma trainings for therapists.

We view trauma through an attachment lens and therefore have a unique perspective on what trauma-informed care looks like, how healing happens, and how an organization can structure itself, organizationally and philosophically, to create safety, productivity, and healing for its staff and clients. 

We have the ability to customize our trainings to meet the needs of your team including talking about the specific challenges your team is facing, or the topics that ignite your team and inspire growth and evolution as professionals. A few examples are: Self-Worth vs Self-Esteem, Healing Through Connection – Trauma and Substance Use, Trauma-Informed Care through an Attachment Lens, Creating Change: Compassion vs Criticism. We use connection as the foundation for learning as healers and healing as humans.

We teach about attachment theory, family systems theory, treating substance use, treating and connecting with individuals, families, and couples. Our trauma trainings for therapists are informational, educational, experiential, and active, a combination of learning, understanding, and then doing.

We aim to create a learning space that brings people together. A place where others like us can congregate, learn, teach, and connect. We believe that as an industry we can do more together than we can do alone. We are invested in helping build a community of therapists who sees the real challenges they face in this line of work as an opportunity to grow, to learn more about themselves, and to be open to learning from/about each other.

We have so much to share with you, and also know how much you have to teach us. We invite a collaborative learning experience. We all have the capacity to learn from each other…through connection.

Whether you are interested in our trauma training for therapists, or one of our other resources for mental health professionals, please reach out. We’d love to get connected with you!


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