Therapist Training


Close your eyes and imagine. A room full of like-minded, growth oriented, healers and helpers, givers and glowers. Peers who have the hunger for knowledge, to develop themselves and their craft to create change and connection and development in themselves and their clients. Do you see it? That’s what we see when we are leading one of our Therapist Training Workshops.

We offer trainings on different topics of interest. For example, we speak to self-care, the wounded healer and how we cannot pour from an empty cup. We validate the reality of burn out, emotional fatigue, and the struggle at times to manage your own stuff while holding space for our clients. Through connection, we offer hope and help. We offer solutions to problems that are uncomfortable to talk about.

Well-Rounded Therapist Training

We teach about attachment theory, family systems theory, treating substance use, treating and connecting with individuals, families, and couples. We teach about projection, transference, countertransference, and parallel family system dynamics in the therapy room. Our therapist trainings are informational, educational, experiential, and active, a combination of learning, understanding, and then doing.

We wanted to create a learning space to bring people together. We wanted a space where others, like us, could congregate, and learn, and teach, and connect. We believe that as an industry, as a helping profession, we can do more together than we can do alone. We want to help build a community of therapists who see every challenge as an opportunity to grow, to learn more about themselves, and to be open to learning from/about each other.

Our therapist training workshops are recognized by the Board of Behavioral Sciences. We offer a peer to peer learning experience. We do not see ourselves as the teachers and you the students. We all have the capacity to learn from each other…through connection.