Therapist Networking


Connected, Seen & Heard offers free mental therapist networking events for like-minded professionals multiple times a year. We understand that sometimes in this field it can get lonely. We spend so much time with our clients, connecting with them, and providing them the space to process and build. In the helping profession, we need that too! We need a space to relax, take off the hint of therapist mask we need to wear sometimes, and breathe deeply.

We want to create a comfortable connection space where an interesting and complimentary group of professionals can meet and share ideas and experiences. We are all in this together. We all have a different set of skills that can help promote growth and change in our communities. We want to give you the opportunity to promote those gifts and talents that are uniquely yours. We also want to give you a space to be able to nurture professional connections and relationships. A face to the name, an energy to the person also doing healing work. Through these types of connections and spaces we create purposeful interaction.

Networking Events for Therapists and Other Helping Professionals

The purpose of these therapist networking events is to help you, our peers, develop and cultivate a web of support. Support for both you and your clients. Building a connection with another provider helps you to feel more comfortable with a referral, makes you feel more confident to collaborate, and helps you to feel like your talents are seen and heard by other professionals. We believe that as healers, we are infinitely more powerful to help others when we can work as a collective. We can better help initiate growth and healing in others when we are confident and secure in the resources we have around us and in the community that we have passionately chosen to be a part of. We don’t have to know it all- there are others in our field that can fill in the spaces for us. It helps when we feel safe and connected.

Take a look at our calendar of events to see what’s coming up!