Therapist Networking


Connected Collective offers therapist networking events for therapists and other wellness professionals throughout the year. We know from experience that working in this field can sometimes feel lonely. We spend so much time with our clients, connecting, and providing them the space to process and build. In the helping profession, we need that too! We need a space to slow down, show up authentically, and breathe deeply.

At Connected Collective, we wanted to create a space where a complimentary group of professionals can meet and exchange ideas and experiences. Those in the wellness profession have different skill sets and expertise that, when brought together, can help foster growth and change in our communities. We want to give you a space to nurture professional connections and relationships–to connect faces with names and energies with their purpose.

Therapist Networking Events

The purpose of our networking events for therapists and other mental health profressionals is to help you develop and cultivate a web of support. Connecting with other professionals can make referrals more comfortable, strengthen confidence in collaboration, and increase the visibility of individual talents. As healers, we are infinitely more able to help others when we can work together. Initiating growth and healing in others becomes easier when we are confident and secure in the resources around us. We don’t have to know it all or do it all–there are magnificent professionals in our field who can share their knowledge with us.

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