We support the development of connection for individuals, groups, and businesses.

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Individual Therapy

We believe that individual therapy provides the unique opportunity to create a safe, meaningful connection that makes exploring difficult memories or present day stressors feel less daunting.

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Couple and Family Therapy

Relationships bring purpose and meaning to our lives. Through couple or family therapy we strive to help you set boundaries, improve communication, learn to feel safe expressing how you feel and ultimately improve the connection between you and your significant other or family member(s).

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We facilitate a series of workshops related to self-compassion, authenticity, and vulnerability, which we believe are the foundation needed to build connection. We also customize workshops to meet your specific training or educational needs.  Please visit our EVENTS page to view upcoming workshops.

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Small Groups

We Facilitate small groups that offer tools to create, and live experiences of, a connected way of being.  Our groups offer a safe place to practice being vulnerable and authentic.  Please visit our EVENTS page to view upcoming groups.

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Corporate Consulting

Let us help you create a connected business. Connection between employees, connection within management, connection with your target audience, all contribute to increased productivity, quality performance, extended reach, and the overall success of your business.  We provide customized trainings, small group workshops, and individual coaching.