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We offer virtual and in-person options for trauma therapy.

Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes things happen and we struggle to find the reason. We ask ourselves “why me? Why is this happening to me?” It’s difficult to find meaning behind pain and hurt and struggle. It’s frustrating to have symptoms pop back up again and again when you think you should be “over it.” This is where Connected ~ Seen & Heard comes in. This is where you release the story from your soul, your heart, and share it with another.

Connected ~ Seen & Heard offers trauma therapy in San Diego and can help provide you with the safe space to be seen and heard without judgement. When Experiential Work is used to process trauma, it allows people to re-experience their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in a more supported and healing way. When you are processing through these traumas with an experienced, compassionate therapist, revisiting these experiences doesn’t seem as overwhelming because you know you are safe and you are in control of what happens next.

Most of the time, you are re-experiencing these traumas through symptoms or patterns of behavior and attachment in your day to day life and you may not be aware. Through awareness, you can work to identify the areas of your life that may still be affected by this trauma or significant life experience. With awareness, we then have a choice, continue with the same thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and attachments, or be supported through the difficult emotions and grow.

What Can I Expect from Trauma Therapy?

Working through your life altering experience with Connected ~ Seen & Heard’s trauma therapy in San Diego can provide the environment to process the emotion and context of your trauma, in the present moment. You will recognize your resiliency, your own ability to overcome, the areas in your life you have already transformed, in spite of the struggles you have faced.

It’s scary. It will be hard at times…and the life you have imagined is just on the other side of that fear. It’s time to give yourself the gift of connection.