Family Counseling, San Diego


Looking for family therapy San Diego? We can help.

We offer virtual and in-person options for family therapy.

The family unit is a system of individual parts working within themselves and then figuring out how to work together. When one part of the system is suffering, it can affect the entire unit.

For San Diego residents seeking family counseling, we offer the knowledge, compassion, and challenge necessary to rebuild the family unit, piece by piece. We provide the space for each family member to be seen and heard, for their own individual experiences to be shared. Through learning each family member’s perspective and experience, family counseling allows for everyone to get on the same page. When you have all members in a space, with a professional guiding the process, expectations, goals, and boundaries can align.

San Diego Family Therapy that Focuses on Connections

Using Attachment Theory and Family Systems approaches, we focus on the connections within and between each member of the family unit. We provide space for all members to be heard and validated. We understand that two people can be exposed to the same incident or conversation and experience things completely differently. This is why our approach focuses on the emotions behind the interactions or behaviors. We see secure attachment as the goal within and among all members of the family unit. This allows all members of the family to increase their emotional regulation skills, their confidence as individuals, and their connections as family members. Our attachments to our family unit spread further into our social and professional lives. Our clients have seen improvements in school and work performance, friendships/social relationships, and sense of self/well-being when they engage in the family therapy process.

Connected ~ Seen & Heard also offers wraparound services. This means that we have providers who can support different parts of the family system. For example, we could customize individual work for an adolescent struggling with substance use by having a clinician holding individual space for the adolescent, another clinician providing family therapy for parents and child, as well as an addiction professional helping both adolescent and family with psycho-education and resources.

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