Couples Counseling, San Diego


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We offer virtual and in-person options for couples therapy.

We were made to be in relation with each other. Meaningful relationships bring purpose, joy, and understanding to our lives. But what happens when that joy and understanding gets compromised? What do we do when we find ourselves in a place of struggle within that relationship? It can shake us to our core. It can undermine our sense of well-being and safety, and leave us feeling insecure, disconnected, and lost. And even after all that, we find the courage to ask for help, through couples counseling.

Why Couples Therapy?

We all change and grow with time and life experience and so do our relationships. It’s amazing that this is such a natural process, yet we seem to fight it. “Things aren’t like they used to be,” “You’re not acting the same,” or “I don’t feel the same.” Sometimes when an individual takes inventory of how they really feel about their partner and their relationship, they realize that some distance has developed between them, or they are not communicating well, or that they feel off. Commitment, communication, and connection can break down and suffer without the necessary attention and nurturing.

Relationships are work, hard work. Overwhelming emotions can be painful and confusing and can affect our ability to work through differences. Significant life events, such as births, deaths, relocation, career or academic endeavors, empty-nesting, financial stress, retirement, secondary relationships, and other influences can strain a partnership and break down trust. Broken things can be fixed when both parties are willing to be in a space of vulnerability, exploration, and awareness.

Our San Diego-based couples counseling can help you explore the patterns within your relationship that strengthen your bond with your partner. We can help you remember what is going right. We also provide the safe and supportive space to help you both identify and let go of those patterns that no longer serve you, individually and as a couple. We can help you uncover underlying issues that threaten your connections to self and others. Joining with your partner in a safe space and with guidance can help you develop healthy boundaries that honor your separateness while reinforcing the commitment you share. The change is inevitable, the growth is a choice.

What to Expect from Couples Therapy San Diego

Couples counseling looks different for all relationships. We create a treatment approach that is right for you as a couple. The human experience is unique to each of us. We get that. We are less about the identified modality and more about meeting you where you are. We find your starting point and we walk with you.

If you and your partner are seeking a deeper connection, please contact us today – we are here to help.