Attachment Therapy

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We offer virtual and in-person options for attachment therapy. 

The way we bond with our primary caregiver early on sets us up for our relationships later. It makes sense, right? What was modeled for us, or how our primary care giver attended to our needs, becomes the way we show up for others or expect others to show up for us in the future. We already know that connection with others in is our DNA, so it makes sense that these patterns start at birth. This attachment style we develop in childhood is how we connect in intimate relationships moving forward, it becomes our behavioral pattern. It’s not until we figure out that it isn’t working for us anymore that we seek assistance, including attachment therapy.

That’s why you are here, reading this right now. You have heard about attachment theory or about your secure or anxious or avoidant attachment tendencies. These are just labels to categorize our behaviors and the most important thing to remember is that behavior can change! Attachment based therapy can help us to see how our early patterns of connection are playing out in our adult lives.

When we have the connection with a safe, understanding professional, we are able to open up to what those attachments look like in day to day life. We are able to be aware of what is working for us and what is not. This awareness is the first step in the change process, now we can make intentional choices instead of operate out of habit.

What to Expect from Attachment Therapy

Through attachment based therapy with Connected ~ Seen & Heard, you are given the space to work through those patterns of behavior, what was presented to you, what you participate in now, and what you want your relationships to look like in the future. That is the power you hold – awareness, choice, and ultimately, change.

If you or a loved one are ready to explore deeper attachment, please give us a call. We would love to connect!