What We do

Connection- it’s as simple and as complex as that

San Diego Therapy Services

Connected ~ Seen & Heard is a unique space that honors the human need and desire to belong.  We have designed our services and our space to be able to offer a plethora of interventions and specialties with an emphasis on changing the way we treat ourselves and others.  We strive to create a safe space for every client and are humbled to share it with you. We are, after all, human- just like you. We know the value and complexity of authentic, loving connection.

Through our therapy services, we offer a specialized and individualized treatment setting for individuals, couples, and families. We create healing space for individual therapy, pre-marital therapy, relationship therapy, and family therapy. We have the expertise to support you through traumatic experiences, grief & loss, substance use, anxiety symptoms, relationship violence, and depressive states. The type of support we offer does not have judgement or criticism or shame. Our type of support facilitates growth and healing, and cultivates mutual understanding and acceptance.

The basis of connection is safety, trust, and vulnerability. It is in the safe spaces that we hold for our clients that emotional healing and understanding of self and of other are developed. The kind of emotional environment that comes with challenge- the growth type challenge that forces us to shed each layer and dig deeper into our purpose.

We are creators of connection, facilitators of growth, and holders of safe spaces. We encourage you to read through our services and reach out if what we offer fits for you.  If you’re looking for San Diego therapy, We look forward to connecting!