About Us

A Team of San Diego Therapists

Connection – an energy between two people where one can feel seen and heard. The value in the connection is what gives one the courage to express the authentic self, to love ourselves and others without limit.

We, Karolyn and Reya, a team of San Diego therapists, unknowingly began the journey of creating Connected ~ Seen & Heard eight years ago. The journey of becoming a therapist is full of vulnerability, fear, faith, doubt, challenges, and growth. The space that was created between us provided each of us with the safety to grow through what we were going through. Through education, research, and personal and professional experiences, we have witnessed the transformative power of consistent support, trust, and empathy….in essence connection. It was then that we realized our desire to create space for authentic connection to occur for as many people as we could as a team of therapists.

The experience of creating Connected, Seen & Heard has given us a deep sense of meaning, direction, and a way to contribute to the greater good. Connected ~ Seen & Heard offers unique services with San Diego therapists that can be tailored to many needs. The idea is to offer the concept and experience of connection to as many people as possible, whether that is individual, family, couples, or group therapy or a corporate workshop to help higher level executives better understand the attachment styles of their employees or customers, in order to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. We also provide education and growth based learning for teachers, professionals, and colleagues in the mental health field.

Connect with Our Therapists in San Diego

We are here to connect with you and guide you through your growth journey. We are here to support you in finding and embracing your authentic self. Even if services through us are not a good fit for you, we will help you get connected with a professional that can work with you and/or your loved one in the best way possible. Through referrals, wraparound services, or connections with other levels of care and support, Connected ~ Seen & Heard is here to guide you.

We weren’t meant to suffer- and we definitely weren’t meant to do it alone.
Let us help you feel connected. Let us see you. Let us hear you.
Connected ~ Seen & Heard.