August 17, 2017

A common belief in American culture is that to be a successful person we must do more, be more, achieve more, make more, and what ever you do, don’t be lazy!  Our country has seen a drastic rise is stress related diseases and “working yourself to death” has become a common phrase. We talk a lot about all the things that go wrong if you are too stressed.  What if we flipped that script?What if we took a strengths based approach?  What if we talked about what we do want to experience instead of what we don’t?  What if instead of saying to our father’s, “Dad, you are going to give yourself a heart attack”, we said “Dad, did you know that relaxation is good for your heart?”  The Huffington Post’s Sarah Klein put together a great list of 10 Health Benefits of Relaxation.


  • protects your heart
  • lowers your risk of catching a cold
  • boosts your memory
  • lowers your stroke risk
  • keeps you safe from depression
  • helps you make better decisions
  • keeps you slim
  • eases acne
  • will keep you in ‘the mood’
  • could slow breast cancer

Sounds good to me!  I’m ready to Connect with Relaxation!

To read the full article, click here.