Perinatal, Post-Partum, & Pregnancy Therapy


Virtual and in-person perinatal, post-partum, and pregnancy therapy for individuals and couples.


The journey of getting pregnant, sustaining pregnancy, birth, and the months after a new baby joins the family are sacred and oftentimes also met with challenges, both expected and unforeseen. We work with both birthing and non-birthing partners through pregnancy, postpartum, and the parenting journey, to support perinatal mental health, postpartum anxiety and depression, the identity transformation that happens for parents and the family as a whole, and issues related to fertility and loss.

Pregnancy can be a magical time for some and for others it is really difficult. It is a vulnerable chapter of life marked by rapid change, expectations, fears, hopes, and dreams. Each pregnant person has their own unique experience. For many, the process of conceiving is complicated, for others the birth experience was not what they envisioned, and for many feelings of anxiety, sadness, overwhelm, and loneliness mark the early months with your newborn.

We understand the complex range of emotions associated with becoming pregnant. We understand the intensity of those first few months with a newborn and the pressures of parenting. We offer a safe space to talk about your unique experiences without judgment or expectation. We hold space for you to express your fears, worries, and struggles, which can help release some of the pressures associated with this stage of life, and allow you to reconnect with yourself – heart, mind, and body. Whether you are looking for pregnancy therapy, or help for the stages before or after, together we will build awareness and develop skills to empower you to feel connected, capable, and confident within yourself and as a parent. We would be honored to connect with you during this sacred time of life.