Personal Growth Workshops


Connected, Seen & Heard offers personal growth workshops and educational seminars to the community. We understand that we are a small part of a bigger collective and by giving back, promoting growth, and being available for our communities, we can make an impact. Plus, we enjoy it. Connecting is our passion, so much so we named our company after it. We believe in what we have to offer and we are humbled to be able to share, teach, and learn on a more conscious level.

Why Personal Growth Workshops?

Sometimes people are intimidated by the therapeutic process. Sometimes the “unknown” of speaking to a complete stranger can be too scary or too uncomfortable. Sometimes people can’t afford individual therapy. Community workshops are made available for people who maybe aren’t ready for the intimacy that comes along with individual therapy, but are still curious and looking for more.

Maybe you are searching for knowledge? Maybe you are wanting to venture into the “self-growth”, “leveling up” community, but you don’t know where to start. Maybe you listened to a podcast, follow a #growthminded hashtag. Maybe you are wanting to sit with and spend time around like-minded people who are also encouraged to be the best version of themselves while accepting who and where they are in this very moment.

Community workshops, or personal growth workshops with Connected present a unique opportunity to learn from experts, without the professional setting. Workshops are informational, educational, experiential, and active…a combination of learning, understanding, and then doing.

Imagine what the world could look like if we were all dedicated to growth. Dedicated to exploring our whys, what makes us tick, and how we can connect with others. At Connected, Seen & Heard, we imagine a community of like-minded, compassionate humans, sharing experiences together, connected. We want to create a space for that in our communities and we invite you to explore it with us.