By Bri Seeley

Being human is a very interesting experience. I see each of us existing on a spectrum that goes from 100% Spirit on one side to 100% Earth on the other side.

What do each of these two sides mean? The Spirit side is that which we cannot see or touch or experience with our five senses. While the Earth side, or the Physical World, is everything in our perceived “reality.”

And we, as humans, are smack dab in the middle of the spectrum. Or, at least, we’re supposed to be…. we have the possibility to be.

Unfortunately, our culture places a heavy importance on the Physical World. We’re indoctrinated into focusing on “practical” planning and using only our current perspectives to create the future. Yes, you may have a spiritual practice, but most times after it’s complete for the day the Physical World takes over again and you’re sucked back into your current reality.

The problem with this when you’re saying yes to your vision and creating your dreams is this: Your dreams cannot be created from your current Physical World “reality.” Your dreams and vision exist in the Spiritual World – they are sheer energy and possibility.

It is because of this, I am inviting you into the middle of this Spirit/Earth spectrum. I am inviting you to begin moving more towards center. Because placing considerable emphasis on your present Physical World perspective will only continue to create more of the same in your life. It is only by expanding into the unseen and tapping into the possibility there that you will be able to create your vision.

Can you envision yourself releasing the significance you place on the Physical World, where your focus is placed on what you know and what you see? And can you begin to imagine placing more significance on the Spiritual World, so as to tap into the expansiveness of what is possible for your desires?

Here’s the tricky part….. Everyone always wants to see the path and know ‘how’ it’s going to happen before they’re willing to take the first step. I get it. Believe me. I want the same thing.

But that approach is based in the Physical World, not in the Spiritual World. Every leap exists in the unknown and the intangible. Why? Because leaps require you to turn the energy of possibility into tangibility. And that equation can never go in the opposite direction.

Your vision will be created from the Spiritual World into the Physical World.

Taking this leap of faith requires you to tap into something bigger than you can currently see. It asks you to find faith and trust in possibility. We make leaps by tuning into and being guided by the intangibility of the Spiritual World. Then, and only then, does it begin to manifest and provide proof in the Physical World.

There will always be unknown elements to life. Our humanity craves to minimize the elements of the unknown to create certainty, predictability, and safety. What I’m inviting you into is a comfort with the unknown and an excitement for the possibilities it holds, rather than discounting it and viewing it through a negative lens.

I’m inviting you to give yourself Permission to Leap.

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