Therapy for Parents


Looking for parenting therapy? We can help!


Parenting! What a privilege and a gift.  One that carries a tremendous amount of responsibility and pressure. The experiences are endless, the laughs are plenty, and the worries are constant. Most parents are inundated with thoughts about how to parent “well” – be compassionate with your child while holding boundaries, create a consistent routine, teach healthy ways to regulate emotions, prioritize self-care, make time for your partner….the list goes on and on.

Whether you are parenting with your spouse, co-parenting, or solo-parenting, it can be overwhelming and at times leave you feeling depleted and defeated. We recognize that the process of constantly evolving alongside your child can be exhausting.

Parenting Therapy – What to Expect

You do not have to navigate all of this on your own. We offer a safe space for parents to share their experience and receive validation, empathy, and a collaborative approach to developing the skills to show up as the parent you want to be. -We will support you in digesting and integrating the information you have gathered.

  • We are experts in helping you have tough conversations with your partner about differences in parenting styles.
  • We will create space for you to reconnect with one another as a couple raising children.
  • We will support you through challenges like a divorced parent entering into a new relationship or in-laws that overstep.

We are hard-wired to connect. Our survival depends on it. Parenting is the process of simultaneously doing all you can to establish and maintain a safe, secure connection with your child, spouse/partner, and self. Let us support you. If you are looking for parenting therapy, we would be honored to walk alongside you in your parenting journey – please don’t hesitate to reach out.