Mental Health Resources


At Connected, Seen & Heard, we didn’t want to complicate things. It’s in our name, we want to connect with you and help you build your own connections and support system.

In addition to the mental health resources and providers we have available through Connected, we also have connections with other resources and therapists in the community. Our expertise over many different levels of care (inpatient, residential rehab, outpatient, medical management) has helped us to build relationships with different providers in the area. We can help make the transition to or from another level of care more comfortable if needed. You are not alone in this journey.

Our search for help and support can be overwhelming. Google “therapist San Diego” or “substance abuse treatment” and you will be bombarded with hundreds of options. It’s difficult to know which is right for you. We believe the connection with your healing provider and/or team is the most important factor in your process and you want to make sure it is a good fit. We have taken some of the guess work out of it for you and hopefully made the search for healing a little less intimidating. We identified powerful resources within the community. We have narrowed things down for you and found providers and services that align with our values. We understand that there is more than one way to heal and grow. We educate ourselves about all sorts of interventions. We stay abreast of the most recent discoveries in traditional medicine, holistic interventions, experiential treatments, and even the more economic options in our community. Take a look at our list of community resources.


The following list of videos includes dynamic speakers who make learning from them easy and enjoyable. They are very useful both personally and professionally. We have used them to start conversations on a group level, as recommendations for individual clients, and as tools to grow as therapists.


The following book recommendations each speak to the importance of relationships and connection for living a healthy and fulfilling life. While some are more academic than others, we believe they are all must reads for anyone interested or involved in human relationships, not just therapists. They are also very useful to recommend to clients at various stages in the therapeutic process.



If you are more of a listener than a reader, we have found the following podcasts to be moving, motivational, and fascinating. Whether you want meditation and self-love or neuroscience in language you can understand, this list is a great resource.