In-Service Training


Lately, there has been a lot of talk about inclusive phrasing and naming, openness and acceptance of different people and mindsets, trauma informed companies and care, safe spaces and perception expanding experiences. This is what Connected believes in, creating spaces that encourage growth, acceptance, learning, understanding, seeing and hearing others and ourselves, maybe for the first time. And this is the foundation of our in-service training programs.

From an attachment lens, the way we relate to each other, can create an opportunity for you and your team to dig deeper. To explore the social emotional side of your business or your school or your group. The part that makes you move. Allow us to take your team to the next level. Give your team the opportunity to get ahead by getting inside the way they relate to others and themselves.

Connected’s In-Service training options offer an opportunity to have our team come to you, or vice versa. It is an opening for you to educate your staff, your team, the heart and soul of what you do. This is a chance to challenge your staff to step outside the box, to explore concepts and ideas that maybe they didn’t think related to them, until they do. We offer in services to your company, big or small, your school staff, your PTA, your Treatment Center, your medical outpatient office staff, your faculty, and any other members of any other team you may be a part of. In Services are informational, educational, experiential, and active…a combination of learning, understanding, and then doing.

In-Service Trainings That Inspire Communities to Grow

Imagine what the world could look like if we were all dedicated to growth. Dedicated to exploring our whys, what makes us tick and how we can connect with others. At Connected, Seen & Heard, we imagine a community of like-minded, compassionate humans, sharing experiences together, connected. We want to create a space for that in our communities and we invite you to explore it with us.