In-Service Training


Connected Collective believes in creating an environment for education, evolution, and acceptance. Our customizable In-Service Trainings acknowledge the importance of inclusive phrasing, trauma-informed care, and safe connection as tools to create productivity and workplace satisfaction. We each identify our Whys and believe in connection before correction. This philosophy is the foundation of our In-Service Training Program.

In-Service Training offers the chance to explore the social and emotional aspects of your team. Understanding how we relate to each other creates an opportunity to strengthen team cohesion and commitment to the company mission, resulting in improved outcomes. Allow your team to get ahead by understanding how they relate to themselves and others.

Connected Collective will come to your location to educate and challenge your team to step outside the box and explore new concepts. We can customize In-Service Training to meet your internal needs. Our training is informational, educational, and interactive.

In-Service Trainings That Inspire Communities to Grow

Imagine what the world could look like if we were all dedicated to growth as individuals and organizations. If we explored our Whys and identified our strengths to increase productivity, satisfaction, and overall efficiencies in the workplace. At Connected Collective, we strive to help create a community of compassionate humans who grow through connection, collaboration, and education. Our In-Service Training supports this initiative and we invite you to explore it with us.