image of man who is doubting himself

Life has an undeniable way of making us question if we are good enough. Through the ups and downs, it is not always easy to remain confident in your actions, thoughts, or behaviors. It is inevitable that you will sometimes feel unsure, or doubt yourself, but when that little voice speaks up in the back of your mind and says: “Are you enough?” The answer is unequivocally “YES!” It doesn’t matter if it’s stress from work, a relationship, or simply a challenging time, take a few moments to remind yourself you will always be more than enough.

Re-calibrate your confidence by following these five tips to stop doubting yourself:


1. Journal Positive Affirmations

Take 15 minutes each day to journal about what you are thankful for and appreciative of about yourself. This can include something as simple as “I enjoy my cooking” to, “I am strong” to, “I love my body.” Speaking about yourself in a positive and uplifting manner gets you one step closer to actually believing and acting on such thoughts. Consider reading your affirmations out loud – it is even more likely you will embody what you are speaking about.

2. Practice Self-Care

It seems as if self-care has been some sort of a recent fad brought on by millennials, but why hasn’t this always been a trend? We are in charge of keeping our mind and body healthy, which can be quite difficult amidst life stressors. If you do not take care of yourself, it is very difficult to boost any sort of confidence. Self-care is simply doing something that makes you both happy and healthy. Take a bath, read a book, eat healthy, work out, get a massage, go to lunch, the list goes on…

3. Help Others

Sometimes when we are stressed out over ourselves, it is best to look elsewhere for positivity. Helping others is a great way to take your mind off of your own issues while giving back to those in need. Consider volunteering to feed those in need, donating your time at a shelter, or cooking for an elderly neighbor. Perspective is everything; when you are doubting yourself it can help to look outside yourself and connect with others in a useful way.

4. Imagine Your Future Self

It might sound silly, but when you are feeling down on yourself, consider getting in front of your bathroom mirror and spending 30 seconds imagining your future in a positive way. Create an image of your future self that invokes pride and excitement. Walk through realistic goals, wants, and needs for this future self. What stands between you and this future version of you?

5. Be Kind to Yourself

Life can get hectic, decisions can be difficult, and the future can be very intimidating. When you find yourself in a place of doubt, take a second to step back and think about how you are treating yourself. Ask yourself these questions: Are you being especially hard on yourself? Are your expectations of yourself unrealistic? If so, turn down the pressure and be kind and gentle to your body and mind. Go to yoga, plan a vacation, take a break from work, and try to enjoy living in this very moment. By constantly worrying about the future and if we are good enough, it becomes impossible to live without anxiety or fear. Live in the moment and be kind to yourself before anything else.

Confidence has a funny way of fluctuating from one day to the next. Every individual sees themselves differently and sometimes we all need a little reminder that we are more than enough. If you think it may be time to discuss your self-doubt with someone, we invite you to learn more about our therapy services. We are here to connect with you and support you in finding and embracing your authentic self.

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