bringing community together

We offer workshops, gatherings, customized trainings, and networking opportunities all with an emphasis on connection and community because we are committed to growing as individuals and as a community. We are passionate about creating opportunities to share what we know, teach and learn, and watch the magic that happens when people come together around a common interest. Check out our Instagram pages for up-to-date information on all of our events. @connected.seen.heard and @_connectedcollective_
Did you know we have event space available?  We have created a space that’s perfect for groups, retreats, workshops, and trainings. It is available weekdays, evenings and weekends.  If you would like more information or to see the space in person, please reach out. We would love to connect. 
Are you excited about collaborating? We are too!  If you are looking to partner with a group that matches your energy, and can support with resources and experience to bring your concept from an idea to a live event, give us a call. We love collaborating with like minded professionals to bring unique and meaningful experiences to our community. Let’s work together! 

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