BY Nicole Seidlitz from Tree Of Life Feng Shui

Our homes can be vessels that nurture and support us in many ways. But they can also be a never ending drain on our energy. What do you feel when you walk into your home? Do your spirits rise and feel at ease? Or do you feel stressed out and uncomfortable? We spend many hours at home and the time spent there is intended to be nurturing, relaxing and replenishing. If you don’t feel this, then it might be a sign that some adjustments need to be made.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art and science based on the perfect balance that exists in nature. According to feng shui, we can create balance within our homes using natural elements, and thus bring in more abundance and promote health and prosperity in our lives. It is also believed that our homes are merely an outward expression of what is going on inside us. Therefore, whenever we are not doing well in some aspect of our life, it will manifest in our homes in one form or another. The most common sign something is not well is the accumulation of clutter.

Get to know Nicole…
My love and passion for feng shui started before I even knew what feng shui was!
From an early age I enjoyed decorating and arranging rooms in the house because I always paid attention to details and was obsessed with making sure the space ‘felt good.’ As a deeply intuitive person, I have practiced different types of healing modalities throughout my life. Once I started my yoga teacher training everything kind of took off and I was guided to formally learn feng shui. I truly believe it was divine timing and I immediately recognized it as one of my deepest passions.

My life had major shifts after implementing only a few of the things I learned during the first days of training. This turned my awareness, sharper than ever, to the impact our living environment has on our lives and well-being. This inspired me to help create more harmony in the world. I am honored to now share the feng shui knowledge and help people all around the world live happier, loving and joy-filled lives.

Not many people suspect it, but I was born in Ecuador and raised in Chile. I now live in sunny San Diego and love traveling the world teaching feng shui in Spanish and English. I received my Master Certification in Feng Shui at the prestigious, gold-level International Feng Shui School and am a Red Ribbon Professional Consultant through the International Feng Shui Guild . I started Tree of Life Feng Shui with the goal and commitment to help people lead happier, healthier and love-filled lives using a holistic approach.

I look forward to connecting with you at the event!

In love and light,