BY Karolyn Johnson and Reya Kost

After spending a few months reflecting, growing, planning, and dreaming, we are back and feeling more excited about the mission of Connected, Seen & Heard than ever before. “Connected is a unique space that honors the human need to belong.  We are passionate about changing the way we treat ourselves and others.  We believe the place to start is with connection – authentic, loving connection.”  It sounds so pretty and idealistic right? But what does it mean in practice?

At Connected, we believe that the path to living a fulfilled and meaningful life comes through connection with other people.  As a company, we facilitate that connection in three main areas:

  • In Private Practice:  We are Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, and strong believers in systemic thinking and attachment theory.  Those principles, including creating space to be seen, heard, and valued, to practice vulnerability without judgement, and recognition of the impact people make on us as well as the impact we make on them, guide our work as therapists and as entrepreneurs.  We support our clients as they explore current struggles and/or past events that cause sadness and confusion in order to create space for healing and growth.
  • In Workshops and Networking Events:  Our workshops and networking events bring a broad demographic of people together around one topic.  The topic serves as an instant point of connection to other attendees, and a springboard for deeper conversation.  We are passionate about bringing together people that would be less likely to meet without a catalyst, and yet will influence one another in profound ways when given the chance.
  • In Consulting and Leadership Training:  We work with treatment centers and other businesses to establish safe connection as the foundation to grow a thriving business.  We design and implement clinical programs, leadership trainings, and executive coaching plans with a focus on relationships as an essential factor for productivity, efficiency, long-term stability and overall happiness in the workplace.

We are very excited about what’s been happening for Connected over the last several months. We have opened our Del Mar office for our growing private practice, we are consulting with a treatment center, and we are currently finalizing a strategic partnership that will allow us to offer CEU events starting this summer.  We were even quoted as experts in a piece about the perpetration of mass violence. To read the whole article, click here.

“I have to go with Benjamin Franklin’s quote on this one “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” As a culture and society and as individual human beings, we need to hold ourselves accountable for how the humans we encounter are treated.”

We are experiencing so much joy in the growth and expansion of Connected.  We are deeply aware that it would not be possible without all of you who have connected with us and share our passion.  Looking forward to seeing you soon!