Karolyn Johnson, LMFT 81409

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To be connected, seen, and heard is a universal human need.  We are biologically designed to seek connection, “our well-being depends on our connections with others.”  Feeling safely and securely connected to others gives us the courage to express our authentic self, live freely, and love fiercely.

Karolyn and Reya unknowingly began the journey of creating Connected six years ago.  Living through the chaotic and vulnerable experience of becoming therapists and growing as people, they relied on each other.  Through education, research, and personal and professional experiences, they have witnessed the transformative power of consistent support, trust, and empathy….in essence connection. 

The experience of creating Connected has given them a deep sense of meaning, direction, and a way to contribute. Connected offers unique workshops and groups as well as individual, couple, and family therapy.  Karolyn and Reya are here to connect with you and support you in finding and embracing your authentic self. Take a second to see what Connected has to offer. We hope you feel drawn to connect with us and look forward to meeting you.

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