Rachel Thompson, APCC

san diego counselor

Rachel Thompson is an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor (APCC9170) in San Diego. Rachel is passionate about human connection and holding space for healing. Overcoming thoughts and feelings of being “stuck” in symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma, or grief do not need to be faced alone. Rachel believes that people are inherently worthy and internally oriented toward healing if given the opportunity to be seen, heard, and nonjudgmentally understood.

Part of Rachel’s training has been to learn how to be perceptive of the client’s unique individual needs, work with the client to identify and resolve issues, gain new insight, and cultivate positive change. Rachel’s experience includes working with individuals and families of all ages who have experienced trauma, stressful life transitions, grief, and loss.

If you or a loved one are looking for a San Diego therapist, Rachel would love to connect. You can reach out to her via email: rachel@connectedseenheard.com.