Daniel Hawn, AMFT

daniel hawn san diego therapist

Daniel Hawn is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT 110357) in San Diego, California. A San Diego native, Daniel knew early on as an adult that he wanted to offer support to people who experience issues of depression, anxiety or a desire for meaning after coming through his own personal struggles with these issues. To this end, Daniel studied Psychology at the University of California San Diego and then earned a Master’s degree in Marital and Family Therapy. Daniel brings to bear a wealth of personal experience, insight, training, and passion in his work as a therapist. He offers support for issues of addiction, depression, anxiety, identity, grief, faith or religious questioning, and more.

Daniel believes in the capacity of each individual to discover their own desires, needs, and goals, and he believes that within each person is the ability to pursue and experience fulfillment of this vision of themselves. Daniel’s approach to therapy is person-centered, meaning that every client is treated with care and respect and is regarded as the true author of their unique story.

Daniel has experience working with adults, families, couples, and children. His clinical experience specifically includes working with individuals who have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder as well as a substance use disorder.  Daniel also has experience supporting those who are going through the process of losing a loved one to illness or who have been recently bereaved. Daniel’s passion is to help each person discover their own agency and capacity to experience fulfillment of their personal, professional, relational, and spiritual selves. He is excited to join you in your journey of exploring your gifts, discovering what you want to offer to the world, and living into the life you envision for yourself.

If you or a loved one are looking for a San Diego therapist, Daniel would love to connect. You can reach out to him via email: Daniel@connectedseenheard.com.