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Need some help making friends in San Diego? We’ve got you covered!

Making and establishing friendships is absolutely essential to our well-being. According to Scientific American, our bodies are wired to seek connection with others, a need that is as fundamental as our need for food and water. Life can be chaotic and unpredictable. Connecting with others is one way to make sense of the journey and is the first step in gaining the courage to be your authentic self.

Friendship is just one example of how we choose to connect with others around us in order to feel more whole, safe, and at ease. Some people are lucky enough to grow up with a core group of friends, but many people move due to school, work, or other life factors, and are faced with the dilemma of building a new group of friends in a new city. It isn’t easy to experience a major life change without the close support of friends and family (although always a phone call away). If you are new to the San Diego area and you are looking to find friends, consider some of the tips and links below!

1. Take a Group Class

Signing up for a group exercise or art class is a great way to spark up a conversation and find people with similar interests. Consider signing up for a group class such as surfing, yoga, pilates, kayaking. Joining in on a shared interest is the best way to connect with new people.

2. Join a Social Group

There are numerous social groups that you can easily sign up for from your mobile phone. Social groups, like those found on Meetup, bring like-minded individuals together around a common interest or trait. The website makes finding a group or activity very convenient, as you are able to search within a certain mile radius of your location. There are tons of different activities to appeal to a variety of interests, and most people are in the same boat – simply looking for some new connections.

3. Consider downloading an App

It is not shocking that there is an app for everything. We are simply in the mobile app era. This includes using an app to find friends. If you just moved to San Diego and are looking for people in similar situations, signing up for an app such as We3 or Bumble BFF can be a great way to meet new friends quickly!

4. Sign up for social event notifications

San Diego has numerous websites dedicated to social event calendars for you to browse for options of what to do in the area. Signing up for social event notifications allows you to see the different things going on in your area, and if one catches your eye, consider trying it out. Here is just one example of a social event calendar for San Diego.

5. Join a Sports League/Team

There are numerous adult sports leagues in San Diego that you could consider checking out. Team sports are a great way to foster camaraderie, not to mention a great way to exercise without necessarily having to do your regular workout. Consider getting back into a sport from high school, or trying something completely brand new! It is never too late to learn.

Moving to a new city is stressful in itself, but being in a new place without the support of close friends can make it exponentially more difficult. If you are struggling to make friends in the San Diego area and the tips above are not your cup of tea, consider connecting with us. Our individual therapy options and workshops can help you find some balance, and feel connected, making this stage of your journey a little easier.

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